jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

Free Hotel for Cyclists

ni hao!

during my visit to Scotland,two years ago, in a little village I discovered a free hotel for cicloturists....there they treated me very well, I have always wanted to open my own hotel,

the curtiens, jejejje I did them myself, my mom's genes

there is no time limit in your stay but food is expensive and the service, no comment!

the toilet

views towards the southeast

Grand oppening! the first FREE hotel for cyclists in Beijing. If you are cycling around the world or travelling around China by bike, you have a free hotel in the city. situated near Chao Yang park, it is waiting for your visit! don't hesitate.
Don't worry, the receptionist, she lives in the lift, ask you about your plans and your future..... she takes you up to the 13th floor.

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2009

Chief referee,..... new job?

When a company ask for my cv , I will sent them a link of my blog, little by little, like always all my steps are inside....I have experience as coach , and now my new job in BIRDIE ELITE GOLF BEIJING, is as chief referee...
the first tournamet in Jinhua Golf, a course far away from Beijing, one hour by car and twenty kuais in speedway toll. I had lived a new experience, great experience working with this company, the best thing, I am practicing English and Chinese....
more or less 40 people were playing....about 12 o'clock I went for lunch in the barracks, so many people live there, the golf club staff, I asked about this and the answer was....." three hundred"....

"TOOAY" in the card....I corrected all..."today"

In my chinese school, every Monday at 10 in the morning the rising ceremony of the chinese flag. I can enjoy the children singing....

after this, I can suffer to Rycky Martin singing while the children do physical exercices.....
My mind wasn't staying in the course, my mind was in San Isidro Cementery in Madrid.......
......un beso abuela pepa.

domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009

14th of March

Ni hao!
It's the second time that I am staying far way of my family on my Birthday...last year I was in France I was cycling towards China....my 33rd year showed me a lot of things about the life, the same things seem stranger to me, things that I never thought before...and now I can say I am a little different.....I hope that my 34 th year on planet earth will be better than the last one.

In the morning I was working, I love my job....

the best way to water a putting green

congratulations Dawei!

Later with my friends I was having dinner in a Xinjiang restaurant

Lovely dinner and lovely cake

Thanks Pei Pei the best present for me

Thanks Marcos, Sofia, and SOS community

I will try to learn more chinese and english vocabulary, I will also try to be better......

A great kiss for my grandmom, betwen she and I there are 12 thousand kilometres....it is not important, I am and I will be at her side always.

domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Y los domingos al mercaoooooo!

Me encanta esta ciudad, tan diferente a la mia, donde las tradicciones se abran paso o siguen abriendose paso entre los rascacielos, ....

Hoy ha tocado visita a uno de esos mercados callejeros, uno de esos especializados en "todo", donde si no tiene una cosa a la vista , lo preguntas y apararece por debajo de la mesa.....aqui se puede encontrar de todo.....desde antiguedades, esculturas, ropa, zapatos, agua, jaulas, vasos, guitarras mascotas..

el record del top manta! eliges la musica, te la graba en un cd, y te la llevas

se pueden comprar bicis, jejejej , esta maravilla por 10 €

No coment! en medio de la calle, la gente esperando y el "dentista" con el titulo colgado en el arbol de al lado....

Yo no he comprado nada, no he caido en la trampa

Aqui estamos preparados para ir ajugar al futbol, a demostrar nivel.....

ahiiiii el futbol.... Algunos domingos, me levanto destrozao por ver el futbol, al menos lo llaman futbol, sufrir un partido a las 4 de la amdrugada, destrozao la primera parte por el madrugon y despues del partido no poder dormir porque ya esta despejao....un sin vivir, vamos! las consecuencias duran dos o tres dias, esta semana ademas hay partido de Champions ( Raul tiene 3, yo he visto en directo dos).....gracias al fin y al cabo, si fuera socio del Logroñes nunca veria un partido.