domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009

14th of March

Ni hao!
It's the second time that I am staying far way of my family on my Birthday...last year I was in France I was cycling towards 33rd year showed me a lot of things about the life, the same things seem stranger to me, things that I never thought before...and now I can say I am a little different.....I hope that my 34 th year on planet earth will be better than the last one.

In the morning I was working, I love my job....

the best way to water a putting green

congratulations Dawei!

Later with my friends I was having dinner in a Xinjiang restaurant

Lovely dinner and lovely cake

Thanks Pei Pei the best present for me

Thanks Marcos, Sofia, and SOS community

I will try to learn more chinese and english vocabulary, I will also try to be better......

A great kiss for my grandmom, betwen she and I there are 12 thousand is not important, I am and I will be at her side always.

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hanpeipei dijo...

sorry i didn't stay up and help you revise it last night~ happy birthday and happy always~!a few mistakes, we'll correct them later:)

Anónimo dijo...

que pasa tio:
soy vity,ya veo que no te va mal.Espero que te siga llendo asi de bien.


Anónimo dijo...

what are you doing leaving him messages here??? can you not tell him in the morning?? hehe

good, a few frustrated Spanish followers for sure cause some of them can not understand this but anyway, you've gone more international...when will it start bilingual??